Super Arcade Football

Arcade-style Football – will it be Super, Sensible, or Off?

If you are of a certain age, a gamer, and played football, you have stories about Sensi, Kick Off, snapped joysticks, custom leagues, and that time you came back from 4-0 down at half-time to win 4-5 and your mate walked out in disgust. Things like that. The glory years of football games before EA and Konami made everyone think of license money and cover stars.

So it’s heartening to see some people still hold those glory days dear enough to develop games like Super Arcade Football – a “retro-futuristic, soccer game on steroids” – without the polish that shines so bright it blinds even Ronaldo’s teeth. Simple (ish), playable, frantic games of football that may sometimes look like pinball, but will still have you shouting at the TV and your friends (or the 9 year olds online) as much as FIFA or PES do.

Available through Steam Early Access on the 4th April, it will be interesting to see if Super Arcade Football can sate the hunger for this type of game, and if those waiting for Jon Hare’s Social Soccer will still be around to buy in to it after a stint with this.

Is Super Arcade Football just a friendly, destined to be forgotten by all but the stats nerds, or a real contender, ready to claim the title and be talked about for years to come, as a classic reborn?

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