Shadow of the Beast

The beast steps out from the shadow of secrecy, to brutal effect.

Those of you old enough to own an Amiga will undoubtedly have an attachment to the original Shadow of the Beast – the hard as nails gameplay, the atmospheric score and some of the most inventive graphics of the time, left a mark in gaming history.

The remake – announced at Gamescom in 2013 but not heard of again until two years later at this year’s E3 – is all of a sudden building some momentum, and this latest trailer from Paris Games Week has a level of polish and style that has come on some way, even in the few months since E3.

Two things stand out to me; the lushious green alien world introduced at the start, which is an obvious call back to the start of the original game, and the lack of atmospheric music – the heavy use of pan pipes and drums (no, really, it was good!) in the original composition by David Whittaker is heavily tied to the feeling of Shadow of the Beast, and their omission in everything we’ve seen so far is a little worrying.

But then if all you want to do is hack, slash, and weird-power-up-thing your way through hoards of aliens, spilling a LOT of blood along your side-scrolling way through some gorgeous alien landscapes, developer Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs look like they’ve more than got you covered. As a self-proclaimed Amiga fanboy, I’m sold already, whatever the outcome.