Street Fighter V

A brand new challenger enters the Street Fighter roster, bringing two old favourites with her.

Another month, another burst of Street Fighter V announcements to keep fans of the series happy. October saw a brand new character introduced, along with two returning favourites to the roster, which is now confirmed as 16 (or 17, if you go by the information mined from the PC beta which ran recently), excluding all the future DLC Capcom have promised.

First to be announced this month is Laura Matsuda, older sister of Street Fighter III’s Sean, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler suited for close range combat (though she does also have a projectile, a first for that type of fighter in the series), she also has some Blanka-style control of electricity.

Next up is everyone’s favourite Russian, the Red Cyclone himself, Zangief. Owner of the “how the hell do you pull that off on a dpad” spinning piledriver, the humongous character returns to likely annoy the hell out of anyone without a long range attack – in the right hands he can dish out a massive amount of damage.

Last up is the fire-breathing, teleporting, stretchy-limbed pacifist, Dhalsim. Announced at Paris Games Week, alongside a release date for the game of February 16th 2016, the now-bearded Indian has a classically long range, and what looks like some new ways to manipulate fire at shorter distances.

With two new characters still to be announced, do you have any favourites so far, or is there something new that Capcom have missed that you think could add to the roster?