Street Fighter V

Capcom collaborates on new Middle Eastern character Rashid.

Street Fighter V announcements continued to roll in during September, with a host of new and returning characters slated for the roster when the game releases in early 2016, but the most interesting so far is a Middle Eastern character named Rashid.

Not much is know about Rashid’s play style so far, beyond what you see in the reveal trailer, but his Vega-esque mobility, wind attacks, and fireball-dodging advancing move look entertaining enough for the amateur, and hopefully offer something different for the pro tour.

Capcom, Sony, and Pluto Games (the largest games distributor in the Middle East) have worked together to create a character fairly devoid of the obvious stereotypes that they could easily have fallen back on. In diversifying the roster and appealing to an under-served region, Capcom can only be applauded for making a positive step, for Street Fighter, and games in general. With Capcom also committing to localise SFV to Arabic, it’s clear that their dedication to the region and its proliferation of fans is no fleeting moment.

Rashid isn’t the only new or returning character to be announced lately though; scantily clad wrestler and fan favourite R. Mika is coming back to the series (the R stands for ‘Rainbow’, don’t you know), along with Karin, both of whom last appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Both join new character Necalli, the hyper-dreadlocked, feral, Blanka-like entry to the roster. Only time will tell if they have the lifespan of Ryu or Poochie the Dog…