Detroit: Become Human

Androids do dream, but not of anything as mundane as sheep.

Back in 2012, David Cage, head of Quantic Dream (best known for creating Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls), released a stunning tech demo for the PS3 entitled ‘Kara’ about an android who discovers she can feel emotions and appears to be sentient. The level of detail and performance capture of Valorie Curry (you may recognise her as Emma, one of the many serial killers on TV show The Following) in the early in-engine footage was stunning (go watch it now, if you haven’t), but nothing followed, despite the great reaction.

That is until SONY’s Paris Games Week conference, where David Cage took to the stage with a surprise announcement of a continuation of the story that begun with Kara, in Detroit: Become Human, exclusively for PS4.

David Cage expanded on his vision for the game: “So we imagined our world in a near future where androids like Kara would look, speak, and move like real human beings. We wondered how we – humans – would react if we were confronted with a new form of intelligence, how androids conceived as machines would be perceived if they started to have emotions.”

It certainly looks amazing, and Cage’s games are always interesting, thematically, but can sometimes fall short when it comes to being good games to actually play, rather than just participate in. Hopefully the lessons learned from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will mean that Quantic Dream’s latest will offer more than ‘Press X to Become Human’…

Are you a fan? What are you expecting from Detroit: Become Human? Does the prospect of something less mechanically taxing appeal at this point?