FAST Racing Neo

If F-Zero and WipEout had racing kids, they would turn out FAST.

The absence of a new F-Zero on a Nintendo machine is maddening, given its status as a series of fantastic high-speed racing games. It’s been more than 10 years since the last iteration of the series, when F-Zero Climax was released on the Game Boy Advance, and two home console generations have come and gone since (the Wii U is a solid 3rd choice console, but let’s face it, we’re all waiting for the NX at this point).

With Nintendo unwilling to fill this gaping hole in the gaming lexicon, German developer Shin’en have taken the magnetically levitating car by the horns and are introducing FAST Racing Neo to the Wii U, via the eShop. If F-Zero and WipEout had a child, and that child thought Usain Bolt was an average sprinter, FAST Racing Neo would be its Masters degree.

The blistering speed, 16 interesting tracks (when you have a second to notice, as they fly by), slick cars, and pumping techno music make this stand out above other eShop releases – it’s being treated as if it were a full retail release, and deservedly so, from what we’ve seen.

While it may not have the timeless graphical style that the Designer’s Republic put in to WipEout, nor the family friendly offerings of a first party Nintendo game, the technical boundaries FAST Racing Neo is pushing on aging Wii U hardware is impressive. 60fps, 4-player split screen, 8 player online multiplayer, and undoubtedly more to be unveiled will hopefully make this something to dust off your Wii U for come Christmas day.