Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Have Faith that the generational leap will land Mirror’s Edge on its feet.

The original Mirror’s Edge was a game somewhat ahead of its time – though the central parkour mechanic was often clunky, it was a turning point in how first person games tackled traversing obstacles. You may now just press a button to clamber over a wall in Battlefield, or slide in to a control point in Destiny, but before Mirror’s Edge you’d have been bunny hopping against a 2 foot tall concrete wall, or lumbering to a stop at your checkpoint.

The art style, however, was never in question – the clean lines, vibrant highlights in a city of white buildings, and blue skies were immaculate, and coupled with central character Faith’s ultra-cool tattoos and – shock horror – realistic female proportions, it always had cult appeal.

Good to see then, that in this year’s prequel none of the good bits seem to have been lost – it looks more gorgeous than ever, and the story of how Faith became the runner we knew is being fleshed out infinitely more than the animated cut scenes of the original ever could.

With an open beta in the works, the remaining questions about combat and traversal through he city can hopefully be ironed out, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst can become the game those who played the original always hoped it could spawn.

We have Faith that it will.