Far Cry Primal

Far Cry goes way, way back with Takkar the Mammoth Hunter.

Ubisoft announced this month (well, actually, IGN Turkey leaked it early in the day) via a weird 24-hour YouTube stream of a cave painting, another entry in the Far Cry series, this time set in the Stone Age; Far Cry Primal.

Without an array of automatic firearms and quad bikes at your disposal, this time around the emphasis will be on crafting melee weapons and short range projectiles like spears and arrows, together with protecting your tribe from the mammoths and saber-tooth tigers that prowl the fictional land of Oros.

The expansive landscapes and emergent gameplay, coupled with excellent traversal abilities and varied wildlife, have made the Far Cry games compelling places to get lost in, in recent years (except for when the honey badger sets its sights on you – seriously, fuck that little shit) – let’s hope Far Cry Primal can keep that feeling alive.

Set for PS4 and Xbox One on the 23rd February 2016 (and PC in March 2016), the short lead time between announcement and release may indicate that this isn’t a full-scale Far Cry game, falling somewhere nearer to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in scope. With the number of 40+ hour games in our pile of shame (and more to come before Christmas), maybe that isn’t a bad choice…