Far Cry Primal

Is Primal a Far Cry from the rest of the series?

A quick development turnaround for Ubisoft’s Far Cry series, Far Cry Primal takes the fantastic open worlds of the series and transplants you back to the Stone Age, swapping guns for arrows and spears, grenades for bees (yes, bees), and civilian militia for big cats and honey badgers. Does it advance the series at all, or should it be left to fend for itself in the pile of shame?

GamesRadar – 3/5

Primal takes the great structure of the Far Cry series, but little of its character. No clear goal and a limited arsenal end up making this feel a little prehistoric itself.

IGN – 7.9/10

Far Cry Primal succeeds in transporting the Far Cry formula back in time and comes to the table with a quiver of neat ideas and a dangerous and fascinating open world. It’s weakened, however, by a disappointing lack of investment in its story, some often forgettable quests, and its vanilla villains, which unfortunately combine to make Primal feel like a step back from the memorable moments of Far Cry 3 and 4.

The Guardian – 4/5

Like the similarly experimental Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Primal takes a torch to the established Far Cry template, yet it still feels every inch a Far Cry game. Whether by accident, design or an emotive response to criticism of Far Cry 4, Ubisoft, via Primal, has given the franchise a huge new shot of vitality and freshness.

GameSpot – 8/10

When it uses the Stone Age setting to elevate the combat and reinforce the brutality of nature, it thrives. That focus on primitive times can become a hindrance at certain points, with limited tools and repetitive combat, but in the end, Far Cry Primal stays true to its callous setting, fleshing out every layer of the captivating world it creates.

Push Square – 7/10

If you dig under the surface of Far Cry Primal, you’ll find a remarkably well preserved edition of Far Cry 4 entombed within. As a result, if you were hoping for more of a revolution to the formula, or didn’t particularly enjoy the hunting mechanics in past games, then you’re best off steering clear of this title.

Giant Bomb – 3/5

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Primal, and I found the game’s combat systems to be pretty exciting at times, but the structure of the game and most of the tasks you’re given are one-note. It’s a monotonous grind that gets a good lift from its approach to combat and a handful of other tweaks to the formula, but it’s still the formula. And it’s not an especially great take on said formula, either.

So it looks like the general consensus is that while Far Cry Primal is a good, solid adaptation of the Far Cry engine, the lack of story and memorable villains don’t quite make up for its shortcomings. If you’re looking for a hunting, gathering, and badger-based combat world to let loose in, then Primal may be what you’re looking for. If you wanted another Vaas or Pagan Min to go up against, you might be left feeling cold.

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