Gran Turismo Sport

It may not be GT7, but it's a start.

Cars! Fast, shiny machines that go from A to B. Do I like cars? I love cars. I love their wheels, I love that other wheel that you turn to make it go round corners, and I’m a big fan of the doors. The way they open, the way they close. I love it all. It’s all good stuff.

At Paris Games Week this month, Sony announced Gran Turismo Sport, the next step in the long running and much beloved PlayStation racing franchise.

It’s not Gran Turismo 7, but developer Polyphony Digital has promised that it will offer a more substantial experience than the Prologue titles of the past. The game is set to come out next year. I can’t wait to drive the cars around the tracks.

(Can you tell we’re excited about it? – Luc)