Hello world. Welcome to the first issue of Plaaayed.

Hello, and welcome to the first issue of Plaaayed, your (watch out, here comes the marketing blurb) monthly round-up of what’s been happening in the video games world, in one neat, online package. It’s been quite a while gestating, but finally, finally, it’s here.

Plaaayed was born out of a few frustrations; the desire to create something a little bit different that used the amazing imagery games produce to better effect; the strangling of websites with intrusive advertising that is of no interest to the audience; and the number of things happening in the games world on an almost daily basis.

We all have busy lives, and more and more the things we want to entertain us feel like another job – keeping up to date with everything in the games world is impossible when we have careers to further, kids to look after, and lawns to mow (or, TV to watch, homework to do, and people to party with). Plaaayed is here to take that job from you – let us pick out the important stuff that’s happened while you’ve been busy and feed it back to you.

Sure, you could find it all elsewhere, if you can get past the expanding banners, popups, survey questions, and videos for toothpaste that autoplay – you’ll never see that type of intrusive advertising on Plaaayed. We don’t like it ourselves, so why should you put up with it? If and when advertising does appear in the future, it won’t just be shoehorned in (I like the design too much to ruin it) – there must be a better way. That’s a promise.

So enjoy issue 001 – hopefully all the bugs have been squashed, the servers aren’t melting, and someone spell checked the cover story (say hello if any of the above is true) – take your shoes off, steal a pillow from the other side of the bed, give yourself 20 minutes and enthrall yourself with what you missed last month.

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PPS – We’d be remiss if the inspirations for Plaaayed, both content and design, were ignored. Thanks to; EDGE, Whatleydude’s Five Things on Friday, Google Ventures, Kotaku’s Highlight Reel, A List Apart, Art of the Title, Read Only Memory, to name but a few…

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  • Egg Daddy

    Well done Luc, stellar first issue.

  • Andrew Cole

    Nice mate,