Sociable Soccer

Jon Hare is Sensible and quickly takes down under-funded Kickstarter.

You wait 20 years for cherished football games to be re-made and then 2 come along at once. Last month saw Dino Dini announce a revival for Kick Off, and this month saw Jon Hare Kickstart a new version of 90s classic Sensible Soccer, this time titled Sociable Soccer.

Billed as everything you loved about Sensi, plus a mass of online multiplayer modes and features – creating your own avatar and playing in clans of fans of the same teams sounds great – my nostalgia meter nearly broke when it was unveiled. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to hit quite as hard or as well as hoped, and the Kickstarter was cancelled ten days into its life, with only £30k of the £300k goal reached.

Whether it was killed prematurely due to low interest, or because a traditional publisher swooped in to fund it, is unknown, but the final update to the Kickstarter video promises that development is ongoing, and the game will be released in due course, through the usual channels.

Did you play Sensible Soccer in its heyday? If you didn’t back the Kickstarter (£12! Why the hell not?), would you be interested in a traditional release of the game to compliment or replace the giants of FIFA and PES?