Killer Instinct

Halo's Arbiter joins the roster of ULTRAAAAA combo warriors.

Killer Instinct’s third season is going slightly left-field this year, what with Rash from Battletoads, and now Halo’s Arbiter, everyone’s favourite plasma-sword-wielding, Predator-mouth-looking, sore-throat-sounding Elite, joining the roster. If you prefer combos of the ULTRAAAAAAAAAA variety, and combatants of the other-worldly type, look no further.

Given that Street Fighter V is a PS4/PC exclusive, Killer Instinct is going to have to work a little bit harder this year to appease grumbling Xbox One owners, but solid (if odd) DLC like this is a step in the right direction, and may tempt some of the Halo obsessives over to another genre.

If you’ve got a Killer Instinct tattoo on one arm, and a Halo one on the other, Halo Waypoint have given a ludicrously in-depth account of why the Arbiter is a good choice for Killer Instinct. Seriously, it’s too much.