Star Fox Zero

Nintendo's new Star Fox goes from Zero to hero.

Nintendo showed off a new trailer for Star Fox Zero for the Wii U on its latest Nintendo Direct, and after the slightly shoddy showing at E3 1025, we’re happy to report that it now looks very much the part.

With a variety of modes your Arwing can take on, from tank to ship to weird-chicken-runner-thing, classic soundtrack, and all your favourite (or hated – I still think Slippy is an idiot there just to run in to my lasers) characters returning, it definitely looks like one to keep your eye on, and another reason to pick up a Wii U for practically pennies, when it releases in April 2016.

However, little gameplay has been shown so far, and after a weird tech demo unveiling at E3 2014, and some concerns over how far Miyamoto would take the 2nd screen gaming available on the Wii U, it’s clear Star Fox Zero isn’t going to be a simple on-rails shooter, and if you want to just plonk yourself down and only move your thumbs for an hour, you may be in for a shock…