Homefront: The Revolution

An open-world revolution begins on the home front.

A release date for Homefront: The Revolution has now been set as mid-May, and along with that news a glimpse at the setting; occupied Philadelphia, set 2 years after the original game. Mixing a little bit of every open world game of late (sprinkle a bit of Watch_Dogs, a soupçon of Second Son, just a touch of GTA, and bake), developers Deep Silver probably aren’t treading any new ground here, though we’re hopeful they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Also in January, we were given a first look at the awesome looking new co-op experience – The Resistance. Set to expand on the initial 30+ hour single player campaign, with 12 missions awaiting players willing to buddy up and go the extra mile, there are another 20 missions planned to for release in the first year.

I am personally glad that Deep Silver took over the reigns of Homefront when they acquired the IP from THQ. Here’s hoping however that it does vastly improve on the original Homefront game released back in 2011 – it was lackluster at best! With three months left until release, I am sure Deep Silver will expose us to even more information about The Revolution. Are you a Homefront fan? Be sure to let us know, and how you think the new co-op mode sounds.