Quantum Break

Have a break, have a… another game and a choice of platform?

We’ve seen some of Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break before, but mostly it’s been of the game itself – a 3rd person action shooter, with a time altering mechanic and live-action episodes mixed in – but with just over a month to go before the game’s release, Microsoft have announced some rather big bonuses for those who want to pre-order (and for those who don’t), and a live-action trailer teasing the story.

Firstly, every copy of Quantum Break comes with an Xbox 360 copy of Alan Wake, playable through Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility, and those who pre-order also get its follow up American Nightmare. As far as pre-orders go, it’s much better than a weapon skin and some in-game currency…

Secondly, everyone who pre-orders the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will receive a copy to play on Windows 10 too. This is either; a great thing for allowing people bought in to the Microsoft ecoverse to play their new game wherever they want, or another nail in the Xbox One coffin, because without console exclusives, why bother to buy an Xbox One in the first place? The sane voices probably sit somewhere in the middle.

It certainly looks interesting as a concept, the mix of game and TV show, but it’s not the first to try such a thing – SyFy tried and largely failed with Defiance and its MMO – but with a safer 3rd person action mechanic, and a cast that has a bit more acting clout (Shawn Ashmore; Iceman from X-Men, and Aidan Gillen; littlefinger from Game of Thrones), Quantum Break may just create a new timeline where cross-media entertainment is successful.