PlayStation VR

Sony's foray in to VR worlds just got a bit more real.

Sony showed their commitment to their PlayStation VR virtual reality headset (previously titled Project Morpheus) at Paris Games Week, with new game announcements to sit alongside re-showings of titles announced at E3. Previously known about titles RIGS Mechanised Combat League (complete with eye-rollingly bad fake commentator) and updated classic Battlezone looked slick, but most evocative was Robinson: The Journey.

Who doesn’t want to run around with dinosaurs? Most sane people – take note InGen – but doing it virtually looks like a great rush.

No release date for the headset has been announced, but with the ramp up in marketing activity and the polish on some of the titles we’ve been shown, mid-2016 seems like a good bet. Lining up nicely with that bet is the now known release date of No Man’s Sky – a game with a feverish following that would quite possibly explode if it became a launch title for PlayStation VR.

What do you think? Does the prospect of paying in the region of £300 – on top of the console and screen that you already have – put you off VR, or are you already practicing shoveling food in to your mouth with your eyes closed in preparation? I for one have a nose-bag picked out already…