No Man’s Sky

Start the countdown, No Man’s Sky prepares for lift off.

Finally, finally, we have a release date for Hello Games’ much anticipated space exploration game. Unveiled at VGX in December 2013, the wait is nearly over; No Man’s Sky will be out on PlayStation 4 and PC on the 24th June 2016 (although if you fancy a day trip to Europe, they get it on the 22nd), the hype train is almost pulling in to the station after its two and a half year journey.

24th June 2016

As well as a full retail release – something that was never a certainty given the “indie” nature of the game – No Man’s Sky is also getting a limited edition on PS4, containing a steel case, art book, a tie-in comic, and some in-game boosters to help get you out in to the galaxy. Though priced fairly high at £70 (and exclusive to GAME in the UK), for an essentially unlimited experience you can hardly complain it doesn’t off value for money…

If that’s still not enough for you, and you’re part of the PC Master Race, for $150 you can get a ship replica model and some other bits from iam8bit – whether or not it’ll end up with all the other “special edition” tat in years to come is up for debate.

I’m not sure anyone is going to see much of the outside world (the real one that is), come the weekend of release (the 24th is a Friday) regardless of what package they buy though.

Lots of tidbits of gameplay have also come to light after the press finally had a hands-on with the game – and it does now look like a fully fledged game – with some alluring new visuals to gorp over. Here’s what Sean Murray had to say when talking to Hollie Bennett at PlayStation Access:

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