3on3 FreeStyle

Three pointer, or double dribble? FreeStyle your way to the hoop.

Hitting just in time for summer, JoyCity’s 3 on 3 basketball game, sensibly titled 3on3 FreeStyle, is the first we’ve seen of a casual basketball game in a while. The push toward realism in NBA 2KXX can turn some people off, and it’s nice to see something with a bit more a quirk to it – not quite flaming-ball-goat-head-BOOMSHAKALAKA-NBA-Jam-quirk though.

With an art style reminiscent of Team Fortress 2 (if TF2 had a Die Antwoord player mod), some mellow tunes, and hopefully some kind of character customisation, a laid-back online mode (or 6 local players?) would make for something a bit less aggressive than yet another FPS to while away the summer evenings.

Some b-ball outside of school? Let’s just hope there’s no sign of a couple of guys up to no good.

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