Assault Android Cactus

Twin-stick bullet-hell co-op shooter assaults your Cactus?

Honestly, the main reason this has made the round-up this month is the absurd name. Assault Android Cactus has been slowly making its way to release since its inception almost 3 years ago (and subsequent Steam Early Access availability) and the twin-stick, co-op, bullet-hell shooter finally arrives on PS4 in 2016 after its final PC launch in September last year.

Looking manic as hell, and evoking memories of Smash TV (you old!) and Robotron (you ancient!), Cactus seemingly eschews any pretense of sensibility, and the 9 characters you can choose from range from shotgunners, to laser beam fans, and molten metal spewers – there’s something for all the family!

Assault Android Cactus is one of the titles up for voting to be a free game with PlayStation Plus in March, so if you like what you see, go vote! You may need a 65” OLED TV to fully take in the madness of it all when 4 players are throwing bullets at 100mph, but damn does it look fun…